Born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

After achieving a degree in Audiovisual Media at the Complutense University of Madrid, I assisted a fashion photographer for two years and then opened my own studio, working in various fields within industry, editorials, and advertising. But nothing sparked my enthusiasm as much as my experiments and my pretty strange ideas.

After several years, I relinquished the studio and moved to London, where I discovered my fascination for landscapes.

My curiosity and other circunstances led me to live in different places in mainland Spain, England, Italy and the Canary Islands.

As a native Galician, cultivated in a region where bad weather is commonplace, I am used to it and some-how drawn to taking photographs when most people look for shelter. As many people born in regions where days are often gloomy, I like mystery, and in summer there is often no room for mystery, only for people in trunks.

Landscapes are magnificent and were originally a gift for everyone, but since modern economic rules, walls, fences and boundaries were invented, nothing has been quite the same.

What used to be everyone's place has become mostly private property, which economy gurus and the Pope of Rome himself base on the holy concept of "natural law".

Obviously, the Natural Law was not written but cleverly interpreted by literate people developed into a very profitable law for those who knew of its existence.

Did you know that individual land ownership did not exist before the end of 18th century? Why, you might think, did Natural Law become natural so late in history?

As you can see, we live in a world of mystery.